The Bookworm Box fun



The Bookworm Box signing was my FIRST EVER signing to attend as an author. I’ve only been to two different ones as a reader so this was so new to me and SO fun! I am beyond thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet such awesome people along the way.

Colleen Hoover is so selfless and goes the extra mile every single time. She was gracious enough to open up her store for the day and let us all sign and sell books. She even came down and hung out with us with her mom and sister. She signed up for our newsletters and chatted about books. One of the coolest days ever!



Friday night before the signing, we all met up at Muddy Jake’s and had drinks and dinner. There was about twenty of us in all with the ten of us and everyone’s family. It was loud, fun, and interesting meeting these other authors that I’ve only ever interacted with online. Some of them I had never met before, like Dillon (in the photo above). She  was SO sweet and literally welcomed me with open arms when she arrived.

Everyone was tired from traveling so after dinner I drove home (an hour from Sulphur Springs) and they went back to their hotels to prepare for the signing the next day.



The next morning I picked my mom (my assistant) up and we made our way to the Bookworm Box. It was Easter weekend so it wasn’t too crowded. The sun was shining and people were in and out all day that were visiting the square. Everything was perfect!




I got this fortune from a cookie Kat Savage was giving out for swag and thought it couldn’t have been any more appropriate so I saved it.

It was such a fun, adrenaline rushed day I will never forget how Colleen made that day as special as it was. Thank you, Colleen (and family) for everything you do!

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